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Rilevatori di movimento a soffitto LUXOMAT PD3-1C-SM Visualizza ingrandito

Rilevatori di movimento a soffitto LUXOMAT PD3-1C-SM


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Rilevatori di movimento a soffitto nella versione a montaggio superficiale, con area di rilevamento circolare

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Type: PD3-1C-SM Manually operated ceiling-mounted motion detectors in surface-mount and ceiling-mount version with circular detection area One channel to switch the lighting Switching for all types of light fixtures by high performance relay Optical system, designed for highest sensitivity Serial impulse function -gong Version with integrated acoustic sensor -micro version, can also cover persons who otherwise by the infrared radiation of the detector would not be recognized -e.g. in corners or behind walls Typical applications: monitoring of smaller areas like stair-wells, private garages, galleries, wash rooms Power voltage: 110 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Detection area: circular 360 degrees Range diameter H = 2,5 m / T = 18degrees C in m: - seated 2.5 - walking across 10.0m - walking towards 6.0m Power consumption: < 1 W Dimensions: diameter 106 x H 69 mm Degree of protection: IP44 / Class II / CE Ambient temperature: -25 to +50 degrees Celsius Housing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate Switching power: 2300 W, cos = 1; 1150 VA, cos = 0.5 Time settings: 30 sec. - 30 min. or impulse Photo electric switch: 10 - 2000 Lux

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